There are many benefits of using Flowee. Find the one that is resonating with your organisation’s needs the most and discover how Flowee can fulfill those needs.

Business capabilites of Flowee


Flexible dashboard that allows both manager and employees to track the process they are involved in and their individaul progress on different tasks.

Complex forms few clicks away

You are able to create complicated forms with attachments at the right point of your process, show them to your emplyees/customers in an elegant way. Go wild- different versions of the same form if needed!

Whole process before your eyes

Seeing the whole process from a helicopter view allows you to see every part of the process and their consequences. Using BPN gives you better understanging of your organisation.

Invoice Processing

Gain better control of your spending and cut costs on invoice handling. No matter the level of acceptance complexity Flowee will help you to improveyour invoice processing.

Contract processing

Want to improve the process of creating, accepting and signing contracts (both paper and electronic ones)?

Flowee helps you to create safe contracts on time.

Correspondence Processing

Optimize incoming and outgoing mail, improve registration and eliminate the risk of documents getting lost and ensure online access to the documents.

Task management

Using tak management within one tool with time register and process automation can saginificantly change the way you do business allowing different process to cross and overlap without employees involvment.

Time Register

There are many time register aplications, but not many are part of the whole business process automation tool. You can track time of different tasks and process and increase your organizational excellence.

Flowee reports

With Flowee you can generate reports from the data that is gathered on your dashboard also you are able to filter the specific data you need to report.

HR Processes

Processes like onboarding or leave of absence request are easly processed iwith Flowee with all the parties knowing what part of the process they are in.