Your dashboard

All information you need to start you day in one place!

Team's dashboard

Are you a manager looking for a tool that not only helps you keep track of your progress but also your team’s? Well, look no further because Flowee’s team dashboard has got you covered!

With our dashboard, you can easily monitor the progress made by your entire team across various aspects. Plus, you get to customize the dashboard to suit your specific needs, giving you even more control.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on Flowee’s team dashboard today and watch your team’s productivity soar!

Manager’s dashboard

At Flowee, we know that numbers are the lifeblood of any modern organization. And as a manager, having the right tools to manage effectively is essential. That’s where our Dashboard comes in – a powerful tool that provides you with all the information you need to gauge your productivity as both a manager and an employee. With the Dashboard, you can easily track your progress and keep a close eye on your tasks, so you can stay on top of your game. So if you’re looking for a tool that will help you stay organized, focused, and productive, look no further than the Flowee Dashboard!

Employees dashboard

Hey there! Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with all your tasks, invoices, and overall work performance? Well, fear not, because Flowee has got your back! Introducing the Employee Dashboard – your ultimate go-to place for all your work-related needs! Think of it as your very own home screen, where you can easily keep track of your progress and performance. So, say goodbye to confusion and hello to organization with Flowee’s Employee Dashboard!

Other functionalities

Employees Onboarding

Everyone likes entering the company smoothly knowing who, what, where, when. But the onboarding process seems long and complicated. Flowee can help you every step of the way.

Holiday requests Handling

Handle holiday requests knowing exactly to how many days employee is entitled to, verify the dates and what is most important – make requests with ease.

Sales Handling

Automated online sales? No matter the service your company provides, you can apply this approach to help your customers get quick access to the services they need no matter where they are.

Project Management Support

Support your Project Managers by giving them the right tools. Automation applied to getting project requirements or calculating projects profitability surely is the right tool.

Service desk support

Your help desk is flooded with inquiries? Many tasks are repeatable? Support your team with the use of Flowee, give them the time needed to focus on real problems.

Invoice Processing

Gain better control of your spending and cut costs on invoice handling. No matter the level of acceptance complexity Flowee will help you to improveyour invoice processing.

Contracts Processing

Want to improve the process of creating, accepting and signing contracts (both paper and electronic ones)?

Flowee helps you to create safe contracts on time.

Correspondence Processing

Optimize incoming and outgoing mail, improve registration and eliminate the risk of documents getting lost and ensure online access to the documents.