Why to choose Flowee?

There are many benefits to using Flowee. Find the ones that most resonate with your organisation’s needs and discover how Flowee can fulfill those needs.

Revolutionize Your Workflow Boost Efficiency and Streamline Processes

Flowee is a tipping point for modern businesses seeking to optimize their workflows and achieve operational excellence. By automating tedious and repetitive tasks, BPA platforms can free up valuable time and resources, allowing employees to focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth and innovation.

With improved productivity, faster turnaround times, and fewer errors, businesses can increase efficiency and reduce costs. Flowee also promotes better communication and collaboration, enabling teams to work seamlessly and efficiently towards shared goals. Moreover, the transparency and visibility provided by Flowee allow businesses to quickly identify and resolve any bottlenecks or issues in their processes, leading to faster decision-making and better business outcomes. Implementing a Flowee is the key to unlocking operational efficiency, reducing costs, and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

How can you benefit from Flowee?

Easy to use task management module

If your organisation is still using email as their primary tool for team management, it is a time to step up your game. With Flowee you will be able to assign tasks, manage…

How can you Never again loose a document

Who has never lost that important document from the customer on their e-mail or in the real life, let him cast the first stone! Starting a process without all documents…

Loosing money by not knowing

You do not know what tasks are taking too much time? Maybe some of them can be automated? Well, not knowing costs you money. Flowee can provide you with the necesarry data to…

See the whole process from the beginning till the end

All organisations are usually having this in common, that they are not really sure how the whole process looks like. We tend to focus on some bits and pieces, forgetting…

Memory is unreliable

Well, we are just humans and that’s ok. If you cannot relay on your memory, what can you realy on? Technology. Notifications including SMS, email and push alerts will help…

Switching between different software systems costs you money

Have you ever thought about how much time is wasted to learn many different software systems, then to jump from one to the other, to manually register tasks and time…

Time consuming corespondence processing

Have you ever woke up to 400 unread emails that you need to sort to sales, claims, requests, tasks, etc? I believe we can all agree that it is not very efficient and e-mail rules may not…

Mistakes do happen - but we can lower the risk

Sure, mistakes happen, that the truth we need to face. Can you do something about it? Well sure, with Flowee you can lower the risk of the mistake happening. How? Well, you…

Discover the Power of Flowee

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and Unleashes Your Full Potential

Invoice Processing

Gain better control of your spending and cut costs on invoice handling. No matter the level of acceptance complexity Flowee will help you to improveyour invoice processing.

Sales Handling

Automated online sales? No matter the service your company provides, you can apply this approach to help your customers get quick access to the services they need no matter where they are.

Employees Onboarding

Everyone likes entering the company smoothly knowing who, what, where, when. But the onboarding process seems long and complicated. Flowee can help you every step of the way.

Explore the wide range of capabilities
of Flowee

Gain better control of your spending and cut costs on invoice handling. No matter the level of acceptance complexity Flowee will help you to improveyour invoice processing.

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