Flowee The ultimate BPA Platform

Seamlessly combines document management, Business Process Management, and Business Process Automation Capabilities.

One to rule them all!

Can your system...

Handle claims

our’s can ; )

So flexible it puts your yoga instructor to shame!

Flowee just like other Business Process Automation (BPA) platforms is a cost-saving powerhouse for modern organizations. By automating repetitive 
and time-consuming tasks, BPA platforms reduce the need for manual labor and free up valuable time and resources.

Flowee is a game-changing solution for businesses of all sizes. 
By automating routine and time-consuming tasks, Flowee significantly reduces the room for error and increases efficiency. With Flowee, businesses can eliminate the risks associated with manual data entry and other repetitive tasks, thereby reducing the likelihood of costly mistakes.

You are able to create complicated forms with attachments at the right point of your process, show them to your emplyees/customers in an elegant way. Go wild- different versions of the same form if needed!

... and much much more.

Get inspired on how to use
Flowee’s full potential

Service desk support

Your help desk is flooded with inquiries? Many tasks are repeatable? Support your team with the use of Flowee, give them the time needed to focus on real problems.

Invoice Processing

Gain better control of your spending and cut costs on invoice handling. No matter the level of acceptance complexity Flowee will help you to improveyour invoice processing.

Contracts Processing

Want to improve the process of creating, accepting and signing contracts (both paper and electronic ones)?

Flowee helps you to create safe contracts on time.

Correspondence Processing

Optimize incoming and outgoing mail, improve registration and eliminate the risk of documents getting lost and ensure online access to the documents.


Benefit from improvements on claims handling that will work magic on your customers and employees satisfaction.

Employees Onboarding

Everyone likes entering the company smoothly knowing who, what, where, when. But the onboarding process seems long and complicated. Flowee can help you every step of the way.

Holiday requests Handing

Handle holiday requests knowing exactly to how many days employee is entitled to, verify the dates and what is most important – make requests with ease.


Automated online sales? No matter the service your company provides, you can apply this approach to help your customers get quick access to the services they need no matter where they are.

Project Management support

Support your Project Managers by giving them the right tools. Automation applied to getting project requirements or calculating projects profitability surely is the right tool.

Succesfull implementation? - take baby steps

What is the best place to start? The beginning 😉  by gaining knowledge. In the discovery phase you will work with our business analysts to recreate and get a better understanding of all the processes in your organizvation.

But solely implementation of BPM Platform such as Flowee  is best to start with small processes and scale up. What’s more you can decide to use one of Flowee’s ready-to-use processes for eg. invoice processing.

Flowee’s for verticals





Real estate



Discover stages of
Flowee implementation


Discovery stage

As mentioned before, we start our work by understanding your organization, processes that are in place and we analyze your business’s needs.


Prototyping stage

Together we map all the processes that are in place and we mock up the processes with in Flowee’s environment to make sure we are all at the same page.


Flowee's configuration

After the plan is set, we both agree on what is needed to be done, we are preparing Flowee accordingly.

Integration (optional)

Just like people, software likes to hang out in groups – that is why we know sometimes Flowee needs to be a team player and integrate with the software your organisation already has – this is the time to do it.



Last modifications and testing to make sure that Flowee meets your needs and is ready to be launched in your working environment.


Documentation stage

Nobody likes it, but we all know it is necessary, that is why we never leave you with out it. Documentation and training are the last milestone before launching Flowee.


& new functionalities

After we launch Flowee, we make sure you have everything you need to successfully work with Flowee. And on requests we add some new bits and pieces here and there 😉

What to try us out?

How can you benefit from Flowee?

Meet our team

Marcin Kirilenko

Business Owner

Grzegorz Kubiak

System architect

Kasia Stramol

Business Analyst

Mikołaj Polak

Business Analyst

Kuba Grott

Front-END Developer

Bartłomiej Bąk

Back-END Developer

Anton Potieriaiko

Full-stack Developer

Tomasz Banaś

DevOps Engineer

One Flowee, but different modules

Flowee modeler is a module that helps you build process in an easy way. Simply by dragging and dropping you create pinpoints of your process.

Flowee Workspace is a module for your team to assign tasks, to perform them, to see their dashboards etc.

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Looking for different IT servces?

As Finture – the owner of Flowee, we provide a wide range of IT services for different verticles but with a main focus on banking and insurance. If you are looking for custom solution tailored to your organisation’s needs please follow the link below.