Complicated forms
with us are simple to create

You are able to create complicated forms with attachments at the right point of your process, show them to your emplyees/customers in an elegant way. Go wild- different versions of the same form if needed!

Flowee enables flexibility

Flowee’s is designed to streamline processes, eliminate errors, and improve efficiency. One of its key functionalities is its ability to create and test forms quickly and easily. With Flowee, businesses can create dynamic, interactive forms that can be used for a wide range of purposes, from collecting customer information to processing employee requests.

The platform offers a range of options for designing forms, including tabular layouts, grouping panels, and nested forms. This allows businesses to create forms that are intuitive and easy to navigate, improving the user experience and increasing the chances of successful completion. With Flowee’s form builder, businesses can create complex forms with ease, customizing them to suit their specific needs and requirements.

Flowee also offers a wide range of field types for forms, including text, textarea, number, password, checkbox, drop-down list, radio button, and validated fields such as email, url, phone number, and data fields. It is also possible to create custom fields, enabling businesses to tailor their forms to meet their exact needs. Additionally, Flowee supports more advanced fields such as data maps, data grids, trees, reCaptcha, and upload fields, allowing businesses to collect more complex data if needed.

Another great feature of Flowee’s form builder is the ability to create multi-page forms easily. This allows businesses to break down lengthy forms into more manageable sections, improving completion rates and reducing the chances of errors. Businesses can also manage how they navigate between pages, providing users with a clear and easy-to-follow path through the form.

Other functionalities

Employees Dashboard

Dashboard – a tool for knowing a current state and monitoring the flow. It helps your employees – both managers and specialists to become aware in a visual way of the current state of their tasks.

Manager Dashboard

Manager’s dashboard is a bit different from employees dashboard as it focuses team’s progress. It is also a visual tool for monitoring the current state of the team’s tasks.

Tasks Management

Task management is a tab wehere a manager can assign or reassign tast to different employees. It shows all the tasts that are in progress as well as those to-be-done. It allows the employees to assign employees themselves too.

Time Register

We are aware that time is money. To be able to evluate projects and to be able to look for botlenecks, you need data on how much time different tasks took. Time register helps you with just that.

Flowee Workspace

Workspace module is a module of Flowee that was created with back-office employees in mind. It consists from user dashboards, task managmenet tables as well as time registers.

Flowee Modeler

Modeler module was created with IT in mind. It is a low code platform that helps your team to create smooth seemless automated processes in BPMN notation. 

Flowee Reports

Reports module is a part of Flowee that you can find in Workspace’s dashboards. Create reports for projects, teams or individual progress.